• Hotelline POS Software: Best POS (Point of Sale) Restaurant Billing Software in India

    Make your restaurant’s point of sale futuristic, efficient and modern through Hotelline POS (Point of Sale) software for the restaurants, bars and hotels

    The Hotelline's POS software for hotels, restaurants and bars improves your efficiency and helps you to manage multitude of the food/beverages services effortlessly. The solution has been created by incorporating advices from industry experts and is suitable for bars, restaurants and cafes. The software offers you intelligent reports that give you an insight into the performance of your commercial hospitality organization/establishment and helps you to manage with ease the hotel’s room service, billing operations and banquet operations.

  • Choose The Order Type

    Make Room Service Efficient and Customer Friendly.

    Hotelline POS software for bars, cafes and hotels, integrates the PMS and POS utilities so that you can easily access the guest-database from PMS Software. Hence, you can directly charge the bills to the individual guest’s room, set the credit limits and settle payments as per the guest request or by directing the request to room folio.

  • Modify and Customize Dining in Real time

    Get a live view of the individual seating arrangement status, including vacant, occupied, reserved, unclean, unsettled and more through the most comprehensive POS software for bars and other hospitality institutions.

    Ease Your Deliveries

    Maintain and update guest databases and have complete information for the regular-delivery orders with the inbuilt automated features of the leading POS software for restaurants and hotels. The built-in map fetches the address of customers automatically and routes the drivers for faster and easier deliveries.

    Modern and Versatile Kitchen Display System

    KDS provides and displays all necessary information relating to pending, current, and served orders on screen and also provides the orders instantly to the kitchen. The system provides for lesser errors as the kitchen staff does not doubles an order or misses one.

    Kiosks for Guests

    Let your guests have the most freedom while placing their orders through the kiosk that enables them to select items easily, apply to them modifiers and confirm orders remotely as well.

  • Billing Operations

    Add or Void Items Effortlessly

    The system allows you to easily add or void new items to an already placed order (in cases when the customer modifies it). The voided items are also added to the reports so that you can view them anytime. You also get SMS alerts on your mobile phone when an order is changed.

  • Split Bills

    Split bills, according to customer requirements according to items, amounts and allocate precise and specific amounts to the different bills.

  • Multiple Payment Modes

    The system offers you many different payment collection options including cheque, cash, debit/credit card and other loyalty and reward points. Add the bills of regular guests to their credit account and edit taxes. Our system is well-interfaced with a number of third-party loyalty systems and payment gateways.

  • Manage your menu and modify your items

    Create Multiple Menu Range

    Create and manage a menu for every single requirement. The system offers you complete freedom to customize and reform an individual menu item and group of items, add modifiers to any item, create combos and do much more. Switch between menus during the day for increasing attractiveness.

  • Make menus more precise in terms of taxes and rates

    Set multiple rates for an individual menu item (according to location) and maintain the inventory and stock more efficiently. You can set different item rates for room service, dine-in, delivery orders and takeaways.

  • Other Features of Hotelline POS software for hotels and other hospitality establishments including bars and cafes

    Real time inventory control and constant up-gradation

    POS integration

    Speedy service

    Better customer experience

    Offline/guest/waiter mode

    Support for multiple languages and currencies

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  • Other Features

    Complete integration with channel manager and PMS Software

    A modern and precisely designated account manager

    Utilization of the whole inventory more efficiently

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