• Atulyam Hotelline: Cloud-Based Best PMS Hotel Software System

    Easy-to-use web-based Property Management System (PMS) Software for Hospitality Industry

    Open your hospitality organization’s doors to the web and interact with the most affordable and powerful cloud-based Hotelline PMS

    Our PMS takes the web-based reservation system to the next and higher efficiency level. The most powerful property management system is designed to improve your front and back office efficiency in manifold ways. Our excellent solution improves and speeds up your organization’s performance in many different subtle ways. The best part of our Hotel PMS software is that it runs in the cloud so that your data is always well backed-up and secure

  • Our Hotel PMS software has multiple advantages for you and has an immense range of functionality and performance improvement features that will modernize and streamline your workflow comprehensively.
  • Reservation Center

    The truly modern front office hotel management system makes your front office operations a breeze. Carry out your everyday reservation processes with the least efforts by having an easy access and by interacting with a modern and easy to understand GUI. The centralized and integrate reservation window shows you real-time room availability, guest profiles, rates and other tools and features so that you can manage a range of reservation scenario easily.

  • Revenue Management

    The software has the best revenue management tools that help you create the most competitive rates while keeping the profits intact or increasing. Use the advanced revenue reports for getting an insight into the fiancés and make strategies that focus on increasing revenue and profits.

  • Manage in-house operations precisely with a time lead

    The conclusive and professional reviews of industry experts have been well incorporated into the software, and the PMS has been created by software engineers by working closely with industry experts. The software speeds up the housekeeping services and provides for better payroll management and maintenance. Choose the best hotel management system for managing the complexity of operations with relative ease.

  • Advertise the hot deals for the last minute sales

    Set up the unique and special rates for travel agents, corporate clients, and your preferred guests. Package the room reservations with other kinds of services including the activity and tour services.

  • Optional OTA and GDS integrations

    Hotels can manage the whole GDS (Global Distribution System) inventory from within the system itself and the front office hotel management system is designed to lower your costs as well.

  • Discounts and Packages

    You can package the hotel rooms with other services and products to create unique offerings. Offer services at more discounted rates to auto-club members, seniors, and others.

  • Reserved Allocation

    Our Hotel PMS software allows you to diversify your offerings, and you can create blocks of rooms with specific rates just for the affiliated tour packages, special events, and group bookings. Set up the release dates so that the inventory gets returned automatically when the allocation is unused.

  • Group Bookings

    The front office hotel management system helps you organize the reservations of an incoming group at one single spot. You can charge through a master invoice or through individual reservations, apply payments to individual reservations or for groups, assign access codes to specific groups and have an online booking system for your customers that is available 24*7.

  • Centralized Administration Module

    The feature has been designed for the hotel groups and centralizes guest profiles, availability searches, accounting and reporting across many different properties. CAM provides you real-time data access and provides for faster and more efficient back-office management and administration. It also provides for better and faster customer service and communication. Sign up for the 30 day trial period now to experience the best hotel management system today. Live chat with Hotelline professional representatives and see the presentation. We also provide free-of-cost training session for the software use.

  • Other Features

    Complete integration with channel manager and Restaurant POS Software

    A modern and precisely designated account manager

    Utilization of the whole inventory more efficiently

    Experience the best operational efficiency and futuristically improve your operational channels by subscribing to a free 30 days hotelline Hotel channel manager trial period now.