• Hotelline's Best Hotel Channel Manager Software System: Manage your Hotel Distribution Strategies from One Place

    Fully integrated and automated hotel channel manager for seamless and end-to-end online distribution

    A hotel manager needs to undertake many different processes at a single point of time including maintenance of rate parity, inventory/rate updates on the distribution channels, running of promotions and other processes that are time taking and require good amounts of efforts. The OTAs brings you a good amount of business and should also be managed well for highest profitability.

    Hotelline's hotel and restaurant management system is a single solution that an all-in-one approach towards finding solutions

  • Manage all your distribution channels at a single point dashboard

    Our centralized solutions improve your efficiency and business reputation in multiple ways. Hotelline's online Hotel channel manager manages the channels and the online bookings at a single point, provides you a centralized inventory and rate distribution system, prevents revenue losses through errors that may be uncertain in character, avoids rate disparity and helps you to maintain a favorable and profitable relationship with the travels sites.

  • Automatic updates applied instantly across all distribution channels

    Hotelline - hotel, and restaurant management system, has the in-built automatic OTA synchronizer that helps you to distribute the entire inventory and hotel rates across all channels instantly. Apart from OTAs the inventory is also updated across other meta online search engines including Global Distributions System or GDS, Google Hotel Finder, Trip Advisor and the Hotel’s Face book page.

  • Associate and Expand

    Expand and associated with leading international and national online hotel channel partners and OTA channels through GDS including Worldspan, Abre, Amdeus, Pegasus and Galileo among others. Also, connect with multiple vacation rental lodging websites including Holiday Lettings, AirBnB and more.

  • Automated Rate Changes

    Hotelline's Hotel channel manager enables you to attain maximum revenues by selling the correct rooms at the most precise rates. Set the pricing conditions and the market positions and see how the system evaluates the best available retail rate (BAR) and derives the best pricing strategy.

  • Minimal Overbooking

    Hotelline Hotel channel manager uses the latest 2 way XML technology for connectivity and instantly updates revised availability of hotel rooms across distributions sites, PMS and the hotel’s own website so that there is minimal overbooking and no loss through compensations.

  • Easy Maintenance of Rate Parity

    Hotelline online channel manager automatically updates the changes across all channels so that you have the same room rates published at all channels.

  • Be More Competitive with Rate Spider

    Adjust your room rates to match or beat your competition and achieve more profitability as our rate-spider feature helps you to monitor the competitor’s inventory and rates in real time.

  • Maintain Inventories and Rates when On-Move as well

    Use your Smartphone to monitor sales, updating your inventory and do much more with our useful app while on the move.

  • Other Features

    Complete integration with booking engine and PMS Software

    A modern and precisely designated account manager

    Utilization of the whole inventory more efficiently

    Experience the best operational efficiency and futuristically improve your operational channels by subscribing to a free 30 days hotelline Hotel channel manager trial period now.