• Will the Hotelline PMS work well for my hospitality business?

    Our PMS, POS, and other software modules are designed and created to improve all aspects of managing a hospitality business. We have thousands of clients across the globe, including small and large hotels, hotel chains, Resorts, Clubs, Bars, BnBs, Restaurants and other hospitality and rental businesses who take advantage of the seamless adaptive properties that our software offers. Our software has an exclusive and vast range of comprehensive and integrated solutions, is simply implemented and is easy to use. The generalized approach (with subtle customizations) blends seamlessly with your organization’s capacities and caters to all the needs of any hospitality business.

  • How can I ensure that the Hotelline software will satisfy all the performance, profitability and efficiency aspects of my business and its operations?

    We want to bring the smile of satisfaction to the faces of our customers and that is why our business strategy aims to provide you satisfaction on all counts. Just fill our online form and subscribe to the 30 day trial period to know and discover the benefits our software and its extensive module list will bring to your business.

  • Is Hotelline a cloud based or on-premise installation software?

    Hotelline offers you both forms of hospitality management software. The hotel front office management software is on-premise software that is installed at your local hotel server. It manages the local database and secures the information within the premises. We also offer you cloud-based hotel management software that you can access on the internet from anywhere and anytime you wish.

  • Do I have to opt for all the modules including PMS, POS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager?

    Hotelline hotel management software seamlessly and diligently integrates all the modules into a single solution. We understand that not all businesses require every single module and would like to make a more value-for-money purchase. That is why we offer you these modules in their individual forms so that you can use only PMS (for a small hotel), only POS (for a bar or restaurant) or only the Channel Manager (for controlling the inventory). Still, we advise you to make wiser choices while purchasing, as bulk purchases cost less and with time you may also have increased requirements.

  • How can I smoothly and efficiently transfer my existing current system data to the Hotelline PMS?

    The regular configuration module of the Hotelline PMS helps you to export and import data with ease from any of your existing systems. We also help you in this regard, and you can request us and provide us the old data (including guest databases, bookings, and reservation)in the required format and we will transfer it the Hotelline PMS.

  • What guarantees does Hotelline PMS for the security and safety of my business data?

    The on-premise PMS stores data at your local servers and you need to ensure their security as the data is hosted at local destinations and not on the Hotelline servers. We use industry-standard SSL encryption for transmitting data that is stored and hosted on the web/cloud. Channel Manager Modules and Booking Engine store the data this way. The cloud data is automatically backed up and is saved on servers that have firewall protection. We can secure and back up any kind of business data for you if you are our customer for any of the module. Just request for the process to commence.

Email: contact@hotelline.biz, Atulyam Hotelline Solutions Pvt. Ltd.